Mine Two Coins on A Single GPU Eth + Zil and Stake it

 Prerequisites:     Zil Wallet:     You can get his here at Kucoin       Eth Wallet:     You can get one here at Coinomi     Or     Deposit it into BlockFi wallet and get 5.25% APY Mining To mine you will need to download the Phoenix Miner . Create a bat file and format it as such ezil.bat PhoenixMiner.exe -pool stratum1+tcp:// -proto 2 -wal  ETH_WALLET . ZIL_WALLET  -worker  WORKER pause Profits Head Over to Ezil   your mining pool and monitor your mining Minimum withdraw is .05 Eth and 30 Zil Once you with withdraw your Eth or your Zil you are also compounding interest.  Great way to keep getting your ROI back on your video card.

Savings Hack To Save up to 18.9% off of Lowes

It is a pretty simple savings hack and all it requires is the ability to have a couple of common accounts that are great for savers. Step 1:  Get a Capital One Credit Card (Not required but it helps) This will give you 1.5% cash back on your purchase Signup Here  CapitalOne Step 2: Get an Acorn Account , this is a great application that lets you invest in your future.  The button Earn more money under this button select Raise.  This will give you a 2 % cash back from anything you purchase at the Raise which is an awesome Market Place for Gift Cards.  Please note that if you go through the website the reward is only 0.8% so it is best to do it through the application. Sign up here for Acorn if you need an account Step 3: Get an Raise Account it is a market place full of people selling Gift Cards.  So all you need to do is get an idea of how much money you are going to spend for your Lowes purchase.  I am currently redoing my floors so I just buy $500 dollar gift cards at a time.  This

Get a easy 5% interest return on your cash

With saving accounts giving little to no yield on savings accounts there has to be a better way to save your money for the future.  Worthy Capital has created a great way for you to simply deposit or round up your money from a bank account and  have it placed in a bond where you will earn a 5% annual interest rate. You won't be penalized for taking money out at any time. Just withdraw it when you need it and deposit it when you want to gain a decent return on your hard earned money.  Try it today and get great returns on your money.  Worthy Financial