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Mine Two Coins on A Single GPU Eth + Zil and Stake it

 Prerequisites:     Zil Wallet:     You can get his here at Kucoin       Eth Wallet:     You can get one here at Coinomi     Or     Deposit it into BlockFi wallet and get 5.25% APY Mining To mine you will need to download the Phoenix Miner . Create a bat file and format it as such ezil.bat PhoenixMiner.exe -pool stratum1+tcp:// -proto 2 -wal  ETH_WALLET . ZIL_WALLET  -worker  WORKER pause Profits Head Over to Ezil   your mining pool and monitor your mining Minimum withdraw is .05 Eth and 30 Zil Once you with withdraw your Eth or your Zil you are also compounding interest.  Great way to keep getting your ROI back on your video card.