Savings Hack To Save up to 18.9% off of Lowes

It is a pretty simple savings hack and all it requires is the ability to have a couple of common accounts that are great for savers.

Step 1:  Get a Capital One Credit Card (Not required but it helps) This will give you 1.5% cash back on your purchase

Signup Here CapitalOne

Step 2: Get an Acorn Account, this is a great application that lets you invest in your future.  The button Earn more money under this button select Raise.  This will give you a 2 % cash back from anything you purchase at the Raise which is an awesome Market Place for Gift Cards.  Please note that if you go through the website the reward is only 0.8% so it is best to do it through the application.

Sign up here for Acorn if you need an account

Step 3: Get an Raise Account it is a market place full of people selling Gift Cards.  So all you need to do is get an idea of how much money you are going to spend for your Lowes purchase.  I am currently redoing my floors so I just buy $500 dollar gift cards at a time.  This returns me back 4.4% cash back so every time I buy a $500, I get 22 dollars cash back for my next purchase.  I also get 10 dollars for my acorns account to invest in, and I get $7.50 cash back on my capital one.  Total savings so far is $39.50 for just buying a gift card.

Your first purchase with raise can get you $10 dollars off your first purchase, the Lowes cash back doesn't qualify for this.  I believe you will have to purchase from the market place to get the 10 dollars back.

Sign up here for a Raise account  

Step 4:  Go to Rakuten it is a great website full coupons and cash back so you may find some great deals.  However I just go here because they usually have 1 % cash back on your purchases.  Here is the where you can find all the great coupons and cash back.  So that can give you another 5 dollars cashback at a minimum if what you want is in their selected category of cashback.  So by going to each website would get a total of $44.50 cash back from a $500 gift card (8.9%).

Sign up here for Rakuten

Step 5: If you are US Veteran you can sign up to the mylowes program and it will give you an additional 10% of your purchase price.  Or alternatively you can get the Lowes Credit card which would give you an additional 5 % percent off.  Also don't forget to check out the Rakuten coupons for additional savings.

In summary turn a $500 dollar gift card into a $594.50 worth of Lowes purchase power or 18.9% off.  


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